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Our main goal is to make our clients feel like the most important people in the world because, to us, you are! We know that the best way to understand and meet your needs is to take the time to get to know you, creating connections that often last for years after we’ve helped you buy or sell your home. Our clients are like family to us, and we want you to feel confident and comfortable knowing we always work with your best interests in mind.
Our unparalleled customer service is made possible by our honest, trustworthy, and talented team working together seamlessly for each and every client. You’ll never have to worry about getting handed off from one person to another, or waiting days to have a simple question answered. From our Realtors to our transaction coordinator to our marketing and concierge, we’ve created a supportive, responsive team that is committed to taking care of you. Our expertise and commitment will put you at ease and deliver a smooth, stress free process.

With Faith & Team, buying or selling a home has never been so easy!


Name: Faith Harmer AKA “Mama Faith”
Title: Team Lead
Top Skills: A true leader, Faith embodies the skills that equip her team to deliver the very best to clients; excellent communication and negotiation skills, a strong work ethic, determination, dependability, and consistency.
Why You Want Faith On Your Team: We don’t call her Mama Faith for nothing! Faith treats her clients like family, always going the extra mile to understand and meet their needs. Not only does she employ a meticulous checklist to ensure that no detail ever falls through the cracks, she brings an unparalleled dedication to each and every client. A licensed realtor in Las Vegas for over 24 years, her skill and professionalism have consistently seen her ranked among the top 50 agents (out of over 13,000). Faith uses her expertise to offer you guidance that takes the mystery out of your buying or selling process. With Faith at the head of your team, you can achieve your dream of moving up or moving on!
Fun Fact: Faith is known for her bright smile and sense of humor, which go a long way in making the process of buying or selling a home enjoyable instead of stressful. So too does her regular practice of yoga and meditation. In fact, these mindful practices have often helped her discover solutions for difficult transactions!


Name: Trista “True” Willett
Title: Realtor/Transaction Coordinator
Top Skills: Communication, a strong work ethic, flexibility, a teaching heart,caring, organizational skills, and good sense of humor make Trista True a top notch licensed Transaction Coordinator!
Why You Want Trista On Your Team: A Southern California native, Trista moved to Las Vegas in 2009 to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality, and has proudly called this city her home ever since. From her passion for creating inspirational moments for her guests during her career in Hospitality to her knowledge from her 6+ years as a licensed Realtor, Trista successfully manages our personalities and work styles as well as our client’s needs.
Fun Fact: In her free time Trista loves to play poker with her husband who is a professional poker player and he gets frustrated because she always wins!! She also loves to do DIY Home Improvement projects with her 5 year old son who is usually right alongside her!



Name: Heidi “The Hunter” Tuai
Title: Realtor
Top Skills: Determination, strong negotiation skills, flexibility, and a talent for problem solving make Heidi our great hunter.
Why You Want Heidi On Your Team: Heidi is committed to easing the stress of home buying and selling with enthusiasm & compassion! Her vibrant energy will keep your spirits high during the hunt for your new home, and her flexibility and attention to detail enable her to solve problems before they arise. A licensed Realtor for over 20 years, Heidi spent 4 of those years with Pulte Homes, giving her unique insight into new home sales as well as resale. Her depth of knowledge on everything from land development to construction to sales make her a valuable resource for any homebuyer, but it’s her commitment to excellent customer service that makes her the right agent for you. With Heidi on the hunt, your perfect home is never out of reach.
Fun Fact: Born in Germany, Heidi has moved 17 times both in the US and abroad! Maybe that’s why she’s so good at solving problems before they start; she understands how challenging moving can be, and she’s committed to making the process easier for her clients.




Name: Tasha “Lotus Flower” Boyd
Title: Realtor & Marketing Manager
Top Skills: Great communication, relationship building skills, and a positive mindset make Tasha a talented Realtor.
Why You Want Tasha On Your Team: Tasha’s ability to sense your needs might seem uncanny at first, until you realize what a great listener and a keen observer she is.. Her warm, positive energy will set the tone for your time working with Faith & Team and you’ll see how she earned the name “Lotus Flower”. Once Tasha has taken the time to understand your needs, she will follow up consistently to ensure they are being met. If you need relocation guides, utility lists, community info, don’t hesitate to ask! Don’t be surprised if Tasha’s attentive manner makes you feel like her one and only client.
Fun Fact: Tasha is a talented artist who channels her energy into her work, whether it’s real estate or her crystal paintings.



Name: Jacquie “Mahj Queen” Frye
Title: Realtor
Top Skills: Communication, integrity, great listening skills and lots of humor!
Why You Want Jacquie On Your Team: Jacquie has been a licensed Realtor helping buyers & sellers achieve their dreams since 2004. She relocated to Las Vegas from St. Petersburg, Florida in 2001 with her husband where she was a small business owner & preschool teacher while raising their 2 sons. After moving to Las Vegas, she served many years as a volunteer for St. Jude Children’s research hospital fundraising committee as well as many leadership roles in her boys schools. Since 1994, she has enjoyed playing the game of Mahjong so much that she became a teacher of the game and gained the nickname “Mahj Queen”.  When she’s not playing Majong or working with clients, she loves to spend time with her family & travel. She enjoys providing her clients with top notch customer service filled with honesty, great listening skills and most importantly – integrity!
Fun Fact: Jacquie loves socializing so much that as a school girl she was constantly being reprimanded and moved across the room so she learned the skill of “sign” language by signing the alphabet! These social skills are exactly why you need Jacquie on your team if you want great communication throughout your home buying or selling process.